Rum Club at Nadu with Haitian Clairin

For this exclusive experience, an expert from speciality drinks will be coming down to give rum enthusiasts a tour of the 'spirit of Haiti': Clairin. Clairin meaning 'clear' in creole is a subcategory of the rum world made from fresh sugarcane juice from Haiti.

Enjoyed at weddings, funerals, voodoo rituals and Mardi gras, it is truly the spirit of Haiti. Made exclusively by small local producers on the island and adhering to a culture of biodynamic production, it has been passed down from generation to generation to the spirit we have today. It is Funky, Fresh, Fruity and Raw a truly unique spirit.

Why not come explore the wonderful world of clairin and the incredible story and flavours it has to offer. A really unique unusual tasting with clairin cocktails to finish and show its incredible versatility. We are sure it will be a night to remember and you will fall in love with this beautiful spirit as we did.


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