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History of rum tasting at Nadu

This one-and-a-half-hour personalised experience will open your eyes to a range of 5 almighty rum shots and a daiquiri. Follow the history of rum, from the birth of sugarcane spirits in the form of Arrack, all the way through to popular styles from Jamaica, French Caribbean, Cuba, and ending with modernist style rums.

If you know someone who loves their signature rum cocktails more than anything else, this experience will quench their thirst! Everyone will get a daiquiri on arrival to get things off to a fruity start.

This tasting will give you the full breadth of tastes, textures and cultures behind rum's rich history. As you learn more get competitive testing your tasting skills against your other rum adventurers and fill in your tasting chart. Hone your skills and you may even be crowned the winner - earning yourself a bespoke Nadu-made cocktail with one of your favourite rums!

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